Perform the Story – Music Seminar

Perform the Story is a new teaching approach towards music interpretation and composition. It uses a story in order to connect a musician’s emotions to music.

Perform the Story is a 3-day seminar/workshop/master-class.

On the 1st day the students are introduced to the philosophy and the technique of the approach. All the necessary details are explained and the tools that will help them them compose music for a story are given. Composing for a story is actually going to be the students’ task for the following day of the seminar.
On the 2nd day the students play and discuss their compositions. At the end of this session story will be read through and each student play their part. It is like a soundtrack for a story performed live in concert.
The 3rd day is the last day of the event, the day of the master-class. Each student plays a piece of (instrumental) music. After they finish, Aris helps them create a story inspired by the music they played.
The objective of Perform the Story seminar is for students, through the use of a story, to connect music and their personal emotions. This way, they will manage to bring their personal element into the way they perform and compose.
Perform the Story’s mission is to help musicians bring their personal emotional world into the way they interpret and compose music and make music a storytelling experience for their audience!

Aris Lanaridis – Perform the Story: music seminar/workshop/masterclass from Aris Lanaridis on Vimeo.

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