Mythodia English Choir” was created in 2015 by Maroulia Kontou, director of Conservatory Mythodia.

The lessons are in English, starting in October and ending in late May. The choir was initially addressed to foreigners who live in Paros. But Greeks living on the island started to participate in it.

To participate to this activity, one doesn’t need to have what we call “the right voice”, but a mood to participate to a live song-oriented group.

At the beginning of each lesson, voice-activation and warm-up exercises are performed, inspired by tai-chi, sound yoga, and so on., which gradually lead to group singing. The aim is that each member of the choir discovers his own voice, relaxes and unblocks energy in his body.

Joy, laughter, communication and relief are a proven benefit to our health. Our initial goal is not concerts, but these are possible when the team is ready.

A trial run is free for anyone who wants to take part.

First meeting: Thursday 5th October at 19:30!

Give yourself a chance for a unique life experience!