We send you our Season’s Greetings and invite you to the Christmas events of the Conservatory Mythology:

Christmas Mythodia
  1. Saturday 9/12/17 , 19.00
    “White Nights” at the stairs of the Kastro, Parikia. Organised by the community of Parikia.
  2. Sunday 10/12/17 ,12.00
    At the multi-purpose venue of the primary school of Naoussa, Organised by the association of Parents
  3. Saturday16/12/17 , 19.00
    Students’ concert at Conservatory Mythodia
  4. Sunday17/12/17, 12.00
    Archilochos Christmas Bazaar
  5. Monday 18/12/17, 19.00
    Conservatory Mythodia Christmas Students’ Concert at the Agro-Club of Marpissa.

We’re looking forward seeing you !!