Conservatory Mythodia organizes with great pleasure for the second year in collaboration with Art d’essence Pascale Egli Music Academy, an international music seminar from 10 to13 July 2018 Registrations at 22840 23202 or with a message HERE.  

Concert / lecture by professor and guitar soloist Giorgos Bechlivanoglou
Mythodia Conservatory in collaboration with the Cultural Association “Archilocho” organizes in Paros a musical weekend with the internationally acclaimed guitar soloist Giorgos Bechlivanoglou.
The two days will take place on Saturday, January 20 and Sunday, January 21, 2018.

Christmas Mythodia

We send you our Season’s Greetings and invite you to the Christmas events of the Conservatory Mythology:

sing your myth on paros

Choral Singing Holidays
2-8 July 2018
Do you like to sing?
Do you want to discover your voice?
Would you like to take part in a concert on a Greek island?
Do you want to have a creative holiday?
Do you like making new acquaintances?

Πρώτα απ’ όλα τι είναι η μουσική γραφή;

Μια σύμβαση, μια συμφωνία, μεταξύ ανθρώπων όπως είναι η γλώσσα, τα μαθηματικά και άλλες τέτοιες συμβάσεις. Όλες αυτές οι συμβάσεις προσπαθούν να εξηγήσουν με κάποιο τρόπο την φύση και τα φαινόμενά της. Όλες όμως έχουν αδυναμίες και φτάνουν ως ένα σημείο το οποίο μπορεί να είναι πολύ κοντά στην εξήγηση αλλά ποτέ δεν φτάνει ακριβώς.

Συγχαρητήρια σε όλους τους μαθητές μας που πέρασαν με επιτυχία τις κατατακτήριες εξετάσεις β’ έτους ειδικού αρμονίας που πραγματοποιήθηκαν σήμερα Κυριακή 15 Οκτωβρίου, στο Ωδείο Μυθωδία στην Πάρο. Ευχόμαστε σε όλους τους σπουδαστές μας καλή συνέχεια στις σπουδές τους μέχρι το πτυχίο τους !

The lessons are in English, starting in October and ending in late May. The choir was initially addressed to foreigners who live in Paros. But Greeks living on the island started to participate in it.

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New Class of Accordion

Older Activities

Christmas Mythodia
Christmas Mythodia

στα σκαλιά του κάστρου ,Παροικιά.Διοργάνωση :κοινότητα Παροικιάς.

The concert for the full moon that has become an institution in Paros! This year, pianist Maroulia Kontou, for the 5th year, has prepared a unique program full of songs for love ..! The lyric artists are singing: Silagos Dimitris: tenor Malamas Sophia: Mezzo soprano Piano: Maroulia Kontou Organization: Ministry of Culture, Conservatory Mythodia, KDEPAP

Arias & Songs Performers: Stella Markou, Soprano Giannis Filias. Tenor Maroulia Kondou, piano Conservatory Mythodia Children’s Choir A special musical evening full of the most beautiful melodies that have been written about love and life. Popular arias from operas and songs of Bernstain, Puccini, Verdi, Porter, Bizet, Rossini, Hadjidaki and Marami will be performed. 1st […]

Perform the Story is a new teaching approach towards music interpretation and composition. It uses a story in order to connect a musician’s emotions to music.

26 June – Mythodia Conservatory’s Modern Group in Concert

25 June – With the participation of the vocal and instrumental ensembles of the Conservatory